A completed re-levelled foundation – Average Cost to Re-Level a House

What Is the Average Cost to Re-Level a House?

Re-levelling a house is a crucial task that may need to be performed to maintain the safety and stability of its foundation. Several factors influence the cost of re-levelling, which can vary widely. Today, we discuss the average cost to re-level a house in New Zealand and the factors that impact pricing.

We examine factors such as the size and condition of a house, foundation type, and the location and availability of foundation repair contractors. By understanding these factors, homeowners can better prepare for the costs of re-levelling their homes.


What Is House Re-Levelling?

Re-levelling a house involves adjusting or repairing the foundation to ensure level and stability. The process typically involves a few key steps, starting with an inspection to identify any areas of unevenness or damage. If adjustments or repairs are necessary, contractors may raise or support your home using jacks or other equipment to adjust the foundation. A foundation sometimes requires new piles or beams for additional support.

Once lowered back into place, work like repairing walls or flooring will be completed. Re-levelling a house requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety and stability of the building.


How Much Will It Cost to Re-Level Your House?

Generally, the cost to re-level a house in New Zealand can vary widely, ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 or more. The cost may be relatively low if only minor adjustments are needed, such as repositioning a few piles or beams. However, the cost can increase significantly if major foundation repairs are required.

Size & Condition

The size and condition of a house are important factors that can significantly impact the cost of house re-levelling. Larger houses generally require more materials and labour. Houses in poor condition require far more extensive repairs and adjustments to the foundation, resulting in higher costs.

Foundation Type

Different types of foundations, such as concrete slabs or piles, require different methods and materials for re-levelling. Additionally, houses with more complex foundations may require specialised equipment or expertise, resulting in higher costs. Older houses around New Zealand may also be more costly to re-level if they have outdated foundation types that require more extensive repairs or replacement.

Location & Contractor Availability

Houses in New Zealand’s remote areas or with difficult-to-reach properties may require additional travel costs or specialised equipment. Additionally, contractors in high-demand areas may charge higher rates due to increased competition for their services.


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