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Our Concrete Services

When it comes to concrete repair, homeowners and property managers seek dependable services. Grace Foundation Solutions offers just that, with a focus on residential concrete repair. Their expertise ensures that every concrete repair task, whether it’s a driveway, patio, or foundation, is performed with the highest standard of quality. In New Zealand, the demand for concrete repair NZ wide is significant, and Grace Foundation Solutions is well-equipped to meet these needs. They understand the unique challenges that NZ has to offer, making them a trusted choice for residential concrete repair. Their commitment to excellence in concrete repair NZ wide is evident in the longevity and durability of their work.

How We Address Concrete Repairs

There are a few different causes for concrete cracking, sinking or wearing out. We have seen all kinds of concrete problems and will advise you on the best method to address any concrete issue.

Our repair and maintenance solutions are permanent. We will remedy your concrete issues using our Resin Lifting, Resin Void Fill, Resin Crack Repair, Concrete Spalling, or complete Remove and Replace services and we will adjust our techniques to your individual needs.

All our Polyurethane Resin repairs are done with a strong and durable material that will provide a long-lasting fix for your concrete surfaces or structures. Once the foam has fully cured, it is as hard as a rock and will not shrink, settle or break down over time.

For our more traditional concrete repairing techniques we have a wide array of options to ensure you get the best possible result. Addressing concrete-related issues is not just about the “ugly” look of broken and worn-out concrete, it’s also about safety. Damaged and compromised concrete can make your home unsafe, even just in the form of a tripping hazard it should not be ignored.

Concrete services

Why Grace Foundations?

Grace is a locally owned family operated business that has expanded to 6+ permanently employed employees. We have helped provide peace of mind to hundreds of families across New Zealand. In the past 6 months alone, our teams have repaired 100+ foundations, while completing site scope inspections well over this number.

With over 20 years of collective experience in large civil & construction industries, our team has seen everything there is to see in the foundation repair industry, even some things no one should see…

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening with your property’s foundations?