Polyurethane Water Leak Injection


Worried about your water leakages? Now is the right time to call Grace Foundation Solutions to help you out.

We specialise in polyurethane foam injection to prevent water leakages in cracks, cavities, voids, joints, and gaskets.

We have carried out multiple projects and are the best in the business.

Using polyurethane foam injection, we can seal cracks and eliminate water and air leaks from foundation walls and provide an effective and permanent solution to leaking cracks.

Polyurethane foam injection is ideal for filling wide cracks on concrete, masonry surfaces.

Polyurethane foam injection is the ideal approach to stop your wall leakage.

Foam is injected, it will expand and fill the crack to prevent future water leakage.

The water will remain on the outside, not allowing the water to penetrate the wall.

The product range varies from a convenient one-material resin for small water sealing jobs to unique robust multivariate systems to successfully stop the water from entering your walls.

How we perform foundation inspections.


One of our knowledgeable inspectors will draw a scaled diagram of the home and take floor elevation measurements after thoroughly inspecting the property inside and out.


We only move to step two if an issue with the foundation is found during the inspection. Our inspector will design a repair plan specific to the property and the issues facing it. They’ll then provide you with a scaled CAD drawing of your home, a full report on the findings, and a suggested repair plan based on those findings will be provided.


We will engage any other professionals that maybe required, such as Geotech and or council and complete to plan.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening with your property’s foundations?