Foundation Repair Services

Are you having foundation problems? Don’t leave it to worsen; our foundation repair services will ensure your home stands strong for years to come. We handle foundation replacements, repairs, inspections, and more.

Our Foundation Services

How We Address Foundation Repairs

There are a few different causes for a home settling or cracks forming in its foundation. We have seen all kinds of foundation problems and will advise you on the best method to address any foundation issue.

Our repair and maintenance solutions are permanent. We will remedy your foundation issues using the appropriate repair techniques taking into account your property’s unique factors, such as foundation type, the severity of your problem, the soil beneath your home and the cause of the problem.

Foundation issues can affect both new and old properties. We recommend annual foundation inspections to track your foundation’s condition and levels, allowing us to spot potential problems at the earliest stage before they become significant and costly repairs.

Foundation repair can be daunting, and it is always best left to the professionals who have completed this type of work for many years. Having foundation repairs completed by anyone other than experienced and well-trained professionals can cause significant and irreversible damage to your home and its foundation.

Residential foundation repair

How We Perform Foundation Inspections

To ensure that your home’s foundation remains in tip-top shape, you must have it inspected regularly. Our experienced team perform thorough inspections to identify any foundation problems and address them properly with repair services.

Step 1.

One of our knowledgeable inspectors will perform a thorough inspection inside and outside the house. They will then draw a scaled diagram and take floor elevation measurements.

Step 2.

We only move to step two if we identify foundation problems during the inspection. Our team will design a repair plan specific to your property and the issues facing it. Based on their findings, they will provide:

  • A scaled CAD drawing of your home.
  • A full report on the findings.
  • A suggested repair plan.

Step 3.

We will engage any other required professionals, such as Geotech and/or council, and complete the plan.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening with your property’s foundations?