Foundation Resin Injection

Our foundation resin injection service is a non-invasive, keyhole approach to foundation repair. Get in touch and book your free evaluation to discover whether a resin injection is right for your foundation.

Grace Foundation Solutions offers an innovative solution for foundation repairs with their foundation resin injection service. This method is highly effective for stabilising and repairing foundations, providing a long-lasting fix. The resin injection technique involves injecting a specially formulated resin into the affected areas, which then hardens to reinforce the structure. This process is not only efficient but also minimally invasive, making it a popular choice for those needing foundation repairs. The foundation resin injection service provided by Grace Foundation Solutions is a testament to their commitment to using advanced technology and methods in their repair work.

Lift, fill, & stabilise

Deep-ground resin injections have been used for years in foundation repair to densify loose soil and stabilise and relevel foundations.

The method involves drilling small holes around the foundation and filling them with eco-friendly resin. The substance expands beneath the foundation, elevating it to the correct position. As our resin injection technicians add more resin, the structure will lift and relevel.

Our resin injection is a fast process requiring little to no excavation. The method suits a variety of applications, including:

  • Footpaths
  • Damaged concrete driveways
  • Concrete ring foundations
  • Sinking concrete slabs
  • Brickwork

Foundation resin injections are ideal to:

  • Lift, relevel, stabilise, and strengthen concrete
  • Seal & waterproof under the concrete
  • Prevent water from pooling
Before and after image of foundation resin injection.

Unlike new kitchen and bathroom renovations, ground stabilisation repair isn’t a glamorous process that people want to have done to their homes. However, it’s incredibly important for the safety of whoever inhabits the space.

A foundation resin injection is essential in securing your home’s long-term foundation. An unstable foundation can cause numerous problems and damage your home. For example, the shifting ground can result in internal or external wall cracks and sunken floors and cause windows and doors to jam due to structural shifts.

We offer inspections and will supply a detailed report of your home’s current foundation health for full transparency.

How we perform foundation inspections.


One of our knowledgeable inspectors will draw a scaled diagram of the home and take floor elevation measurements after thoroughly inspecting the property inside and out.


We only move to step two if an issue with the foundation is found during the inspection. Our inspector will design a repair plan specific to the property and the issues facing it. They’ll then provide you with a scaled CAD drawing of your home, a full report on the findings, and a suggested repair plan based on those findings will be provided.


We will engage any other professionals that maybe required, such as Geotech and or council and complete to plan.

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If a foundation resin injection doesn’t sound like the right option for your foundation, check our other foundation repair solutions and contact the team today.