Helical Piers

Helical Piers consist of steel shafts inserted into the ground and filled with cement as an alternative to traditional underpinning.

Helical Piers can be utilised as an underpinning solution where traditional underpinning may not be suitable. as well as in other applications such as sheds, garages, decking, and pre-formed stairs.

The foundation of your home, garage, shed or deck supports the weight of your entire structure and anything within, making it the heart of your home. If the ground below your foundation can no longer support this weight, it may be time to consider helical piers to transfer that weight to the ground more suitable.

Helical piers consist of steel shafts inserted into the ground in sections and then filled with concrete or grout to support the structure above. The structure’s weight is transferred through the pier, which reach a solid level of compacted earth or bedrock that can support it, bypassing the weaker ground materials.

The quick installation and suitability for building near other structures are two of helical piers’ most notable benefits over other underpinning methods.

Helical piers have a long history, dating back nearly 200 years, and have been commonly employed in constructing roads, railways and other significant engineering projects.

How we perform retaining wall inspections.


One of our knowledgeable inspectors will draw a scaled diagram of the home and take floor elevation measurements after thoroughly inspecting the property inside and out.


We only move to step two if an issue with the foundation is found during the inspection. Our inspector will design a repair plan specific to the property and the issues facing it. They’ll then provide you with a scaled CAD drawing of your home, a full report on the findings, and a suggested repair plan based on those findings will be provided.


We will engage any other professionals that maybe required, such as Geotech and or council and complete to plan.

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